The Best Satellite TV Service Available In the United States

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The evolution of the Satellite TV extension in the United States is nothing short of incredible. By the mid-1970s, satellite TV became a popular wonder in the biggest metropolitan cities of the country. Fast forward to modern times, millions of American households use satellite TV as their preferred choice of entertainment. We have technological advancement to thank for that! Gone are the days when we would have to fetch the channels we want with so much struggle and difficulty. Satellite TV has made it easy for us.

Why Satellite TV Should Be Your Top Choice for Entertainment

Satellite TV has become the perfect source of entertainment and information for Americans for a number of reasons. The channel selection, quality reception, availability, and variety of programming make you want to cut the cord and switch to a Satellite TV subscription instantly. If you’re looking for some more conviction, we’ve explained the benefits of Satellite TV in more depth below! Read on to know more.

  • Wide Availability

The availability of cable TV services is still restricted based on location. While it’s available in huge metropolitan cities and areas, the reach is still quite limited. Satellite TV on the other hand is widely available. Distance doesn’t matter for television signals to reach the satellite dish placed on your rooftop from space. It’s widely available in rural areas where cable providers are hardly available. Just contact the nearest satellite TV provider in your area and ask them to hook you up with the right plan and install the service when you’re available!

  • Incredible reception

Satellite providers digitally broadcast satellite signals which means all channels you see on the list will come in HD or Ultra HD. It depends on the station to switch to analog for Standard Definition, but most of the time you will always be able to catch your favorite channels and content in High Definition. This is where cable providers lose a round to Satellite Providers. Cable TV services rely on underground cable wires which are heavily affected by distance and physical damage. The farther you are from the station, the poorer the quality of reception is.

  • Channel Selection

Satellite television offers an extensive selection of channels, content, and programming, compared to streaming services. Satellite TV providers focus on providing a far more personalized and customized experience to their users in contrast to streaming and cable services. Satellite TV packages are different from what you will find with cable TV providers. Since satellite TV providers have access to stations globally, they are able to offer a far wider selection of channels and channels that you particularly want, unlike cable and streaming providers. You can customize your own package and include programming options that you’d like to see on your screens but that’s not all you can get. You will also have access to premium networks and exclusive On-Demand content which is a huge plus!

  • Pricing

Satellite TV providers will offer bundles and packages prioritizing your connectivity and entertainment needs, within your budget. The channel count and reception quality satellite TV providers offer through their packages ensure a quality, enjoyable and personalized TV experience for all. Plus the equipment, hardware, and installation are usually free of cost with satellite TV packages, making them a far more affordable choice than cable TV packages.

Best Satellite TV providers in the US

If you’re looking to switch up your daily dose of entertainment or recently moved to the U.S., getting your hands on a satellite TV subscription will be one of the best decisions you’d make. With an array of satellite TV options out there, how do you know which one to pick? We’ve rounded up the best satellite TV providers currently operating in the United States and listed them below. Check them out and make your pick!

  • DirecTV

DirecTV is known as the #1 satellite TV provider in the United States, and for all the right reasons! Whether you’re a sports fanatic or love some juicy entertainment, you can be reassured that the DirecTV channel lineup will satisfy your TV entertainment cravings within your budget! All your entertainment needs are taken care of by the 330+ channel lineup and HD picture quality!

From offering you access to thousands of On Demand titles and national, local, and regional sports programming. The best part is, you can get a free NFL Sunday Ticket if you are a subscriber of CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER Packages.

Moreover, you can catch your favorite movies with DirecTV Cinema and TV content on the go with the DirecTV app through various DirecTV packages and plans! The plans offer exciting features at the price you’re looking for! You can also enjoy quality TV entertainment at a discount with AT&T bundles!

  • DISH

DISH is another popular favorite Satellite TV provider which is known for its affordable yet quality entertainment packages tailored to satisfy your entertainment needs whether it’s sports or movies and TV shows. This Fortune 250 brand offers the best basic satellite TV package and offers up to 290+ channels with a two-year price guarantee! The pricing of the packages ranges from $69.99 to $1044.99 per month with installation included! Plus it comes with the best DVR in a town called the Hopper 3 which lets you record up to 16 shows or 2000 hours of shows and movies for only an additional $10 a month, which is great added value.

To Wrap It Up

We take our TV entertainment very seriously. It’s important to consider the channel count, customer satisfaction, perks and deals, equipment and DVRs, and mobile apps before picking the satellite TV provider to fulfill your entertainment needs. DirecTV and DISH offer the most exciting features you’d want from any Satellite TV provider!

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