Sadness: Why Do Some People Always Feel Sad

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If someone had to choose between feeling happy or sad, they’re likely to choose the second option; being happy and sad feels bad. Based on this outlook, one feeling is better than the other. But just because feeling happy feels better than feeling sad doesn’t mean that one feeling is better than the other.

On one side of the is happiness and on the other is sadness, and while one side feels better than the other, they both have a purpose. However, if one is stuck on one side of the, it will be a challenge for them to realize this.

The side that comes to mind here is likely to be the side where one experiences sadness Counselling Singapore. But if one were always to feel happy, they would soon experience another set of problems.

The Grass Is Always

When one is in a position where they feel sad and cannot change how they feel, they could believe that feeling happy always is the answer to their current problem. This could be seen as human nature and how we often think the grass is elsewhere.

But if one was to change their circumstances and live in another way, it could improve their life, but it could also lead to another set of problems. In the beginning, one’s life could seem better; then, as time passes, it’s as if nothing has changed.


It is through feeling sad that one can appreciate being happy. If one were always happy, they would soon get used to it and no longer have the same effect. This is not to say that one should experience more sadness than happiness.

At times, one’s life will have more moments where they feel sad than moments where they feel happy, which is normal. As human beings, we form attachments to things, and when an attachment ends, we feel sad.


One way to avoid this would be to stop oneself from forming attachments, but then life would be no better. On one side, one would no longer have to experience the sadness that arises when an attachment is broken, but at the same time, they wouldn’t experience the happiness that an attachment brings.

One can’t have one without the other, and while one side of the is seen as being better, they both have a place. Being sad is part of life. However, if one always feels sad, it is a clear sign that something is wrong.


For some people, feeling sad is something they will experience from time to time, and it could also last longer if they have experienced a major loss. So, while it could last longer than a day or even some years, it is still a temporary experience. It is unlikely to be something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, and because of this, they will rise again.

This is how some people will experience sadness, but it is not how everyone will experience sadness. There will be people who don’t just feel sad at certain times or because they have lost something, it will be how they always feel.

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