Four Rules Newbie Drivers Should Follow to Avoid Accidents

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There are several lessons you should always keep in mind when driving your car. The slightest mistake can cause you serious trouble. So, if you just bought your first car and you never want to get into an accident, then here are some tips that you should follow at all costs. 

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Get into the Right Mindset

Firstly, you should get into the right mindset, which is essentially a responsible mindset. You require emotional intelligence as well as better reasoning when you drive a car. This aspect explains why you have to learn about the importance of defensive driving as well. 

You might be following the rules to the T but there is no guarantee that other drivers are doing the same. Following the rules while driving a car doesn’t make you immune to accidents. So, having the right mentality can prove a powerful tool when it comes to avoiding car accidents. 

Always Maintain a Safe Distance

It doesn’t matter whether you are speeding on the highway or driving through the suburbs – you should always maintain a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you. No – you won’t be wasting space if you have to maintain proper distance between your car and other cars.

The focus point is to maintain as much distance between the cars so you have enough time to react and swerve out of the way or slam down the break – in case anything happens. As mentioned before – the only control that you have on is you and not other drivers, which is why following at a proper distance is non-negotiable. 

Never Assume Intentions

Always drive at a safe speed and avoid assuming other driver’s intentions. For instance, if, on a busy day, another driver gives you the thumbs up or waves you by – it is still your responsibility to check whether or not there is a road blockage ahead. 

Likewise, if a driver signals a right turn to you, avoid getting immediately in front of their vehicle, as you never know when they might change their mind. This aspect applies to other situations, too. Suppose you have had a few drinks and you are driving late at night, assuming that you won’t be stopped. 

You might still get stopped by the police, and you might lose your license as a result. If this happens, you might want to get a lawyer on board and appeal for license reinstatement, which could have been avoided altogether if you hadn’t assumed things. 

Keep Checking All Mirrors

Checking the mirrors isn’t the only thing that you need to do during your driving tests to impress the instructor, as the lessons you learn during your training are lifetime lessons. On that note, make the best of all car mirrors, including the rear-view mirror, so you have the road conditions and the driving positions of other drivers under your observation all the time. 

Speaking of observation and keeping your focus on the road conditions, make sure you are mentally alert. You can do so by practicing sleep hygiene.

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