Exactly How Innovation Has Revolutionized Money-Making in Africa

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There is no subject that fascinates me more than the topic of making money as well as tightening it down also further there is no details topic in the procedure of generating income that jazzes me more than the use of commonly readily available technology. And also I am not speaking hi-tech below. I simply suggest simple modern technology like the mobile phone, email and also things like that.

Why does this passion me so much? Because I believe there are substantial possibilities to make lots of cash money from organization for those who take advantage of technology to do points that were previously difficult to do. This post describes all that in extremely simple language as well as I really give you sensible experiences from my extremely own life.

I started out in the extremely reduced tech standard traditional business of printing. I used to make some excellent cash printing letter heads, calling card etc for different customers large and small. Then computers came and also turned the whole sector upside down. The computer system made the workplace paperless and also hence seeking a lot less stationary. Clients that required 5000 letterheads currently device 500 for the whole year and just connected using email and also sms messages. To make matters worse computers and cell phones got into the market at regarding the very same time that simple obtainable lendings came so almost everybody who obtained a financing in Nairobi acquired a printing machine. The outcome was that we ended up having a lot of printing machines around each time when the marketplace for printing work was reducing rapidly. To cut a long tale short I entered into significant financial troubles and I was auctioned and lost all my furnishings and electronic devices in the house and also everything in the office (including ironically a computer system I had not even finished paying for).

Then one day an old buddy organized for me to obtain a rather rewarding printing work from a client in South Sudan. He customer sent me the art work from Juba as an attachment to an email. And after that he wired me the money. When I was performed with the job I took it to Wilson Flight terminal where it was flown out. I wound up with some respectable cash that offered me a little reprieve from the significant financial stress I was undergoing at the time. I took a seat and examined the role of technology in allowing me to offer a customer who was thus far away without leaving Nairobi. I asked myself questions like “Could I obtain more clients in South Sudan while I remained in Nairobi? By doing this I would certainly not be bogged down by the jampacked and also yet shrinking market for countered printing in Nairobi.

My mind quickly zeroed in on modern technology as a tool to aid me make money in a progressively aggressive business atmosphere. I have actually never looked back given that.

To cut to the chase I wound up obtaining a great work in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania where I am currently based. When I went there for the first time I was naïve and I thought I would strike that under-developed market with all type of services and products as well as become a millionaire over night. Yet alas, it was never ever to be. I was rapidly brought back to truth when even my Tanzanian employers encountered significant issues attempting to obtain me a work permit to work in that country.

To be truthful I shed a fair bit of cash relying on locals to work as my front as I attempted all sort of companies which failed together. My other half got really distressed about my proceeded “financial investments” into cash money draining pipes failings as well as pointed out that the cash I had actually lost would certainly have been enough to acquire a huge prime story in Athi River or Kitengela. It truly angered me when she stated this. Specifically since it was true.

After that it dawned on me that I did not need to battle in the Tanzanian market which I really did not understand extremely well when I can utilize innovation to do service in Kenya while I was still employed in Tanzania. It was not smooth cruising to what I have today yet lastly I reached configuration something that works like a charm.

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