A Brief Guide to What Environmental Lawyers Do

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Environmental lawyers are responsible for protecting the natural surroundings, to create a safer environment for humans. They are generally considered as advocates of the habitat. 

It is usually assumed that an environmental lawyer has to preserve the natural parks only. However, their responsibility is a bit wider than just that. They have a connection with anything that is related to the environment provided to animals and humans both. 

Duties of an Environmental Lawyer:

The main duty of an environmental lawyer is to research and strategize a plan for the environmental security for their clients. They prepare cases for their client to represent them in the best possible way. 

The environmental laws vary from state to state and are quite complicated too. This is why an environmental lawyer is important to resolve habit issues. It is near to impossible for a normal individual to get into the details of environmental law. 

There are 5 extremely important aspects to know about environmental law. They are as follows:

  • The Clean Water Act 
  • The Clean Air Act 
  • The Montreal Protocol 
  • The Endangered Species Act 
  • Reformation Plan No. 3 of 1970 

Cases varying from oil drilling to protection of natural land; all are covered by environmental lawyers. If you are involved in such a business, all you need is a waste oil disposal service provider and you won’t have to worry about it harming the environment.

They can further convince the court that addition of new buildings is acceptable and how it wouldn’t harm the habit further. As they understand the environmental law, they can prepare a strong case for their client and help them achieve the best possible outcome for themselves. 

Types of Work an Environmental Lawyer Can Do:

Environmental lawyers usually manage multiple types of tasks in legal matters. From researching to taking the cases to the court and certifying client satisfaction; environmental issues are hard to handle but can be professionally done through an attorney. 

As the range of the tasks that they can manage is extensive, here are a few types of jobs that they do:

  • Agriculture or farming issues 
  • Climate change laws 
  • Public sea use
  • Public land use 
  • Better waste management 
  • Proper disposal of waste 
  • Preservation of wetlands 
  • Protection of biodiversity 
  • Laws that govern the usage of resources, like oil, gold, natural gas etc.
  • Green initiatives 
  • Cleaner technology 
  • Enhanced energy sources 

There are many other environmental issues that can be added up to the types of work an environmental lawyer does. They can range from smaller areas to larger, commercial bases too.

When Should I Hire an Environmental Attorney? 

An environmental attorney can be hired when the physical and emotional needs of people and animals around you are involved. 

There are several environmental issues that involve an array of different situations. These situations could be leading to public relations and financial issues too. For example, when buying and selling real estate, building private or commercial real estate etc. 


Environmental lawyers are extremely helpful and are required in an array of different areas. Depending on your situation, you can hire one that syncs in with what you require. 

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